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The 2018 Art + Justice Posters were unveiled on October 11,2018 at the Nebraska Livestock Exchange Building Ballroom at the 2018 Good Apple Awards.

Every year, a new crop of Nebraska artists design limited edition poster prints for Nebraska Appleseed. With only 35 prints made of each, each poster is truly a one of a kind. Posters are printed at Lincoln’s own Screen Ink, on American-made paper from family-owned French Paper Co. All proceeds from your poster purchase go to Nebraska Appleseed, a non-profit that works to support strong, vibrant, inclusive and engaged Nebraska communities.

2018 Theme: For All of Us

In 2018, we approach our first real checkpoint, our first measure of the pendulum’s swing. We can’t know, for sure, what will happen next. But no matter what the outcome, we see the urgency, the necessity of this fight on an intimate level. Because this fight is for us. And that means all of us. Justice is not done if only some are considered and included. Our communities, our neighbors, our friends, our families: we suffer when we are divided.

Curated by Colleen Syron designers included Colleen Syron from Syron Design, Ben Welstead from Screen Ink, Justin Kemerling from JKDC, Breanne Marsh from Bozell Advertising, Kevin Fitzgerald from Carson & Co, Code Fenske from Clark Creative Group, Emily Tran from Syron Design, Ashley McFeely from the University of Nebraska – Omaha, Joshua Lowe from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and Jason Davis from Screen Ink.

2018 Good Apple Award Recipients

Seeds of Justice Award: Heaney Family Service and Justice Law Program
Created in 2017, the Heaney Family Service & Justice Law Program aims to strengthen the culture of pro bono law in Nebraska and is a commitment to our state’s law colleges’ responsibility to teach and grow the next generation of attorneys who will dedicate their careers to expanding justice for all Nebraskans. The program, which was created with a generous gift from the Heaney Family Fund, was developed “to further integrate the Jesuit mission of social justice into Creighton Law School’s curriculum,” said Muirne Heaney. It will train aspiring attorneys in aspects of poverty law and fund externships for students to work with nonprofit legal organizations such as Legal Aid of Nebraska, ACLU of Nebraska, Immigrant Legal Center, and Nebraska Appleseed, organizations which fight the causes of poverty through the legal system.

Milo Mumgaard Emerging Leader Award: Keren Bell-Dancy, Executive Director of the YWCA Lincoln.
For more than 30 years, Karen has devoted her career to education – from elementary to higher education – and models herself, and her work, by her motto: “Lest we forget.” In 2016, Karen transitioned from the Lincoln YWCA’s Financial Development Committee to become the Lincoln YWCA’s first African American Executive Director. Since then she has grown the organization’s mission, purpose, and efficacy. Her passion for eliminating racism and empowering women and girls is mirrored in every level of the team at YWCA, and her leadership has inspired a true commitment to revamping and improving the collective approach to race equity work in the community.

Roots of Justice Award: Edison Red Nest III
Edison Red Nest III, founder of Native Futures and Native Dreams, uses his organizing skills to bring people together, identify community needs, engage people in advocacy, and develop innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of Native Americans in the panhandle region.

Jim Wolf Equal Justice Award: Dianna Schimek
During her 20 years as a state senator in the Nebraska Legislature, DiAnna Schimek was a visionary leader responsible for passing many bills protecting justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans. She was a champion for Nebraska women and families, with a focus on health care, accessible elections, consumer protections, and Native American rights. Some of the amazing things about DiAnna are that she is never afraid to be the first one to champion an idea, she always looks for, and generally finds, common ground among people from all different backgrounds and perspectives, and has a dogged persistence to advance progress on the pressing problems that Nebraska communities face.

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