October 16, 2018 admin

Syron Design was awarded a Silver Medal from the American Institute for the Graphic Arts (AIGA) on October 13, 2018, in Omaha, Nebraska. The poster was selected from entries across the state.

Colleen Syron, curator of the 2018 Art + Justice Poster Show, and University of Nebraska – Lincoln Professor, was awarded the medal at the AIGA Show.

Her Poster entitled “Rural Addiction” focused on the impact opioid addiction is having on rural populations across the Midwest. The poster features an ear of corn made of prescription drugs. Below the corn reads, “Rural Addiction: A Backyard Reality”

The poster, created for Nebraska Appleseed, a nonprofit organization that fights for justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans by taking a systemic approach to complex issues – child welfare, immigration policy, affordable health care, and poverty – and working wherever it will do the most good, whether that’s at the courthouse, in the statehouse or on the streets of our communities.

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