Graphic Design 01: GRPH 221

Introduction to the field of visual communications, the use of the tools, materials and methods of the graphic designer.

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While the specific project client or subject material has varied slightly from semester to semester, the core design explorations have remained the same.

  • Designer as Artist Poster: Hixson-Lied College of the Arts & Architecture Design
  • Designer as Communicator: Dissonate Design: Design of Controversy
  • Brand Identity:  Logo & Brand Brochure
  • Editorial Design: Design as System
  • I loved this class. I felt this was one of the only classes I took this semester where the teacher genuinely wanted to help you learn and make sure you knew everything you wanted to. The teacher never said she was too busy to help and never made you dumb for asking questions no matter how basic they were. She also shared lots of her own real life experiences, which as a future designer is something I really appreciate. We packed a lot into 15 weeks, but I never felt TOO overwhelmed.  

    Alexandria Trumbley: Graphic Design: Spring 2015
    • I have loved taking this graphic design course.  I wish I would have taken it sooner and had the opportunity to take more class and take advantage of some of the facilities sooner.  It was a great class and I learned a lot and produced projects I am happy with and happy to show in my portfolio.

      Elizabeth Szatko: Architecture: Spring 2015
    • I had a wonderful time growing as a graphic designer in GD1. Unlike some other classes I’ve taken, I think the pace we took made a lot of sense, as we had plenty of time to complete all our projects and grow our strategy throughout. I am so glad for the time I spent in GD1. I have great pieces filled with strategy, process, and intent that I plan to add to my portfolio, and for that I am so grateful. Thanks, Colleen

      Kevin Buglewicz: Advertising & Graphic Design Double Major: Spring 2015


    Prof. Colleen Syron

    Assistant Professor of Practice
    210 Woods Art Building
    Art & Art History Department
    University of Nebraska Lincoln