Opiate Substitution Treatment

Design Team:

Designed by Tiah Northway (flyer), Jake Headid (Video), Cole Munsterman (Video), James Lindsay (Video), Davita Dick (Treatment Posters), Bonnie Ricketts (Posters and Social Media) and team (logo).


Creative Statement:

“BU Again” is a concept that was taken from how people rebound from opioid addiction. This phrase was concept tested within a focus group and received positive feedback.

Strategy Brief:

What is the product or service?

Who/What is the competition?
Ignorance, Opioids, Heroin, RX prescriptions future goal is to actively provide help to addicts.

Who are we talking about?
Primary audience are the people that know the drug user and the user themselves. Nebraska residents. (This could spread to other states.)
Secondary audience is college age students (ages 13-30) and millennials. Nebraska.

What consumer need or problem do we address?
Availability and awareness of opioid addiction and treatments.
Why would people not use this drug if they are aware of it?

What does the consumer currently think about us?
A waste of their effort, time, and money.

What one thing do we want them to believe?
It’s worth it and that they are deserving of this drug and getting clean.

What can we tell them that will make them believe this?
At the appropriate dose buprenorphine treatment may suppress symptoms of opioid withdrawal, decrease cravings for opioids, reduce illicit opioid use, block the effects of other opioids, and help patients stay in treatment.

What is the tonality of the advertising?
Informative, inspirational, enlightening.
Let yourself live again.
Don’t let the drug live your life for you.
Be you again.
How much money can you save by being you?

Opiate Treatment — Brand Identity

Awareness Posters

Opioid Substitution Testimonial Interview; Part 1 — How it happened

Opioid Substitution Testimonial Interview; Part 2 — “This isn’t me“

Opioid Substitution Testimonial Interview; Part 3 — Treatment

Opioid Substitution — Social Media