Help Starts Here

Integrated Media Advertising Campaign for Sea Tow

Insurance agencies are increasingly offering bundles for your car, home, motorcycle, and now, your boat. How does a relatively small family-owned on-water marine assistance franchise organization grow membership when last year U.S insurance ad buys exceeded $6.5 billion?

For Sea Tow, the answer was to evolve brand messaging from towing to include the full-service care model that distinguishes Sea Tow from its competition while demonstrating how expert nautical knowledge is essential to customer care.


Our solution was a campaign called “Help Starts Here.”  Help Starts Here means more to us than “do you need a tow?” Helping is not something we happen to do; helping is the core of who we are as Captains. It speaks to our moral character, our passion for safety, and our insane love for being out on the open waters.

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Photoshoot in March in Venice, Florida


  • February - December 2020

The Campaign was launched in February 2020. The ad buy was laser-focused and leveraged more cost-effective digital platforms. National advertising was coupled with targeted local buys. New customer journeys captured and converted. New boater lists were cross-referenced with Neilson audience segmentation to allow for great storytelling. Creative included: Magazine and newspaper advertising, direct mail, website graphics, Facebook and Instagram, digital ads, customer journeys, landing pages, and virtual boat shows.

Integrated Media Buy
  • Top Tier Magazines
  • Local Newspapers
  • Direct Mail to New Boaters, Expired Boaters and Trial Members
  • Covid Response through Facebook and PR
  • Video & Animated Spots on all Social Channels
  • Virtual Boat Shows


Sea Tow is the premier on-water assistance provider, the expert Captains who you count on when you need help. As the pioneers of on-water assistance, we recognize that boaters turn to Sea Tow for many different reasons.

To address this complexity, the Help Starts Here campaign featured the top five reasons boaters choose Sea Tow. Each of these differentiators was addressed in the ad messaging. Local franchises could customize each ad by choosing from preselected images. The result was a campaign that consisted of 36 unique ads.

  • Priority Service for Members.
  • Local Knowledge, Expert Service
  • Membership has it's benefits.
  • Invested in our Communities.
  • Your Road Service at Sea.
The results were tremendous. Sea Tow had a membership growth of 8.17%, the largest growth in two decades.

Colleen Syron
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